ain’t no sunshine – guitar solo fingerstyle cover

ain’t no sunshine – guitar solo fingerstyle cover please visit: en.wikipedia.org

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  1. gskipwith says:

    very well done. ? Is the tab still around?

  2. flyingfrosch92 says:

    hey can you send me a? pm with the tabs please

  3. TheSebysandu says:

    can you send a pm with the? tab

  4. mmetax13 says:

    hey nice, do you have? a tab? thanks

  5. Peldoo says:

    thanks, I? sent you a PM

  6. Rebelin4Colors says:

    Very nice dude but the link for the tab isn’t working, can you? reply with a new one or PM me? I’d be very grateful.

  7. Peldoo says:

    @targuiz hi @ thx, tab is linked? in the description

  8. Peldoo says:

    danke? ;o)

  9. DAHA1993 says:

    ich mag die? gitarre =)
    aber echt gut gespielt! :-)

  10. tonyd59 says:

    nettes job eldin und danke fur die unterzeichnung zu meinem? kanal!

  11. Peldoo says:

    thx ? ;o)

  12. Peldoo says:

    Danke Michael?

  13. yipmicha says:

    amazing job? dude!

  14. danbs07 says:


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